Empathic Building Virtual Tag

Empathic Building Virtual Tag

By Navture Apps

Empathic Building Virtual Tag App Description

Tieto Empathic Building is a human-centric digital service that focuses on improving employee well-being, happiness and increasing individual performance by solving end-user problems. By automating time-consuming and non-productive tasks of communication and administration, it enables and encourages your employees to straight-forward human interaction, collaboration and co-innovation. Tieto Empathic Building: Main benefits - Find your workspace: Finding a desired space instantly, with desired equipment, settings and activity. - Find your colleagues and collaborate: Instant collaboration with no need to search, sync calendars, or unnecessary emails or calls. - Find your room: No more booking in advance ñ just walk in and work when room needed. - Find your atmosphere: No more freezing or sweating in unwanted noise or silence. - Share your voice: A real-time SWOT tracking employee satisfaction when it happens, as it happens. - Create service tickets: Savings from scheduled routes to need-based maintenance. - Visualizing activity: Straight-forward visualization to identify areas of success and attention. - Visualizing data: Proven actual data on office utilization for optimizing space. Features in the mobile app: - Use your own phone as a Virtual Tag - Get your Virtual Tag ID to connect to your profile - Automatically position yourself in the office through Bluetooth Low Energy beacons - Turn positioning on and off - Regenerate your Virtual Tag ID For more information and inquiries on the Empathic Building solution, go to: https://campaigns.tieto.com/empathicbuilding


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