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Pyto - Python 3

Pyto - Python 3

By Develobile S.p.A.

  • App Category: Developer Tools
  • Release Date: 2018-09-24
  • Current Version: 12.4.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 257.80 MB
  • Developer: Develobile S.p.A.
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 13.0
App Ratings: 4.56418
Based on 335 Reviews

Pyto - Python 3 App Description

Pyto is a Python 3.8 IDE for iPhone and iPad. Run code directly on your device and offline. Features: - Python 3.8 with all standard libraries - Full Python REPL - Code user interfaces - Smart code completion - Use pip to install pure Python modules from PyPi - Access scripts from everywhere - Preview images and plots on console - Multiple windows for iPadOS 13+ - Run scripts and code from Siri Shortcuts - Interact with other apps thanks to x-callback urls Included third party libraries: - numpy - matplotlib - pandas - PIL - scipy - astropy - statsmodels - skimage - sklearn - cv2 - lxml - Bio - cryptography - bcrypt - zmq - regex - gensim and more! The libraries listed above require an internet connection to download. However, they remain on the hard disk after the import. Take advantage system features with the following modules: - pyto_ui - Build an user interface - pyto_core - Extend the editor - notification_center - Customize Today Widgets - notifications - Schedule notifications - remote_notifications - Receive remote notifications - background - Run code in background - bookmarks - Bookmark files and folders - sharing - Share items and pick files - pasteboard - Clipboard access - userkeys - Save values on disk - sound - Play sounds - music - Access the Apple Music library - photos - Accessing photos and the camera - location - Access user's location - motion - Motion sensors - multipeer - Peer to peer wireless connection - apps - Open third party apps - xcallback - Interact with other apps


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Pyto - Python 3 App Reviews

  • rstrip (), lstrip (), strip () do not work

    By CyEnge
    Working from a text book. Got this app to do the exercises to learn Python. Stuck in 2nd chapter on stripping white space. Following will not work: >>> favorite_language = ‘ python ’ >>> favorite_language ‘ python ‘ # if you cannot tell, there are spaces between the quotation and the p and between the n and the quotation. >>> favorite_language.rstrip() ‘ python’ >>> favorite_language.lstrip() ‘python ‘ >>> favorite_language.strip() ‘python’ This makes it difficult to use this app faithfully.
  • This is great

    By h0nk h0nk acr0ss y0ur brain
    Best python app that is free really good 100% recommended
  • Django console

    By SecurityOnetoo3
    It’s an interesting app and fun to play with. One thing I noticed is a lack of documentation, but I may not be understanding the bigger picture. Also the server console doesn’t show anything until I exit and re-enter.
  • Seaborn

    By i_r2
    Can’t import seaborn lib!!
  • App will not restore

    By broken_621
    I bought the full features app. However I ran into issues where importing Pandas would continually fail. I deleted and attempted to reinstall the app. However I can not restore the app and am stuck on the Welcome to a Pyto page and cannot use the app.
  • Best way to learn Python and develop on the go

    By Fmweston
    Excelente app, but the best part is that the developer is always responding to the users requests or comments, correcting issues and making improvements.
  • Bugs everywhere, even the provided samples doesn’t work

    By Peng1M
    When I try to run matplotlib, bugs happens and the App crashes. I hope the developer help me to resolve this issue.
  • Good python interpreter with up to date, python 3.8.

    By Pot_Lid
    I choose Pyto over the pythonista, yet I found out the bug that, If you use short cut ‘CMD + D’ in consecutively for twice, the app crashes (turn itself off, kicking me out to the home screen). Plz fix this bug.
  • Version 11.8 is completely broken

    By Mauiboy1959
    I just updated. Now I can’t open any existing files from any location. The REPL spits a dozen error messages when I tap on the expression entry field. Running a one-line Hello World script takes many seconds to compile and then spits a dozen unrelated errors about Matplotlib. How did this get past testing before you released?? Pythonista does not have these kinds of quality problems. Their releases are solid. Every time.
  • Great App for Physicist, Engineers, and Mathematician s

    By Msquaredphd
    This app works great. Includes all the Python Packages you need to do Science and Math. Numpy, Scipy, Sympy, Panda’s ect.