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SkyView® Satellite Guide

SkyView® Satellite Guide

By Terminal Eleven LLC

  • App Category: Reference
  • Release Date: 2013-09-07
  • Current Version: 1.3.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 80.70 MB
  • Developer: Terminal Eleven LLC
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 12.0
App Ratings: 3.92652
Based on 313 Reviews

SkyView® Satellite Guide App Description

From the makers of the award winning SkyView® app comes a stunning new way to discover over 20,000 satellites day or night. Satellite spotting is now for everyone. Just point your iPhone at the sky to identify the International Space Station, Hubble, GPS satellites, and thousands more as they soar above your location. Discover new and interesting satellites in Earth mode. Pan around the Earth, touch satellites over distant countries, zoom-in for a close-up view, and take wonderful photos to share with friends. Features: • Simple: Point your iPhone at the sky to identify satellites passing overhead at your location. • Interactive: Pan around Earth to discover new satellites and zoom-in for a beautiful 3D close-up view. • Customizable: Build a list of your favorite satellites and filter other satellites from your view. • Sighting reminders: Quickly schedule reminders to notify you when a visible satellite will be in the sky above your location. • Night friendly: Preserve your night vision with two easy-access night modes (red or green filters). • Social: Capture and share beautiful images with friends and family on social networks. • Space Junk: Uncover thousands of rocket bodies and other space debris that orbit Earth. • Mobile: Does not require a data signal or GPS to function, take it anywhere. • Comprehensive: Includes 20,000 satellites with thousands of facts, descriptions, tidbits, and satellite images.


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SkyView® Satellite Guide App Reviews

  • Outdated satellite database

    By Skudnov
    I don’t think this app is worth the money as the satellite database is outdated . If you just want to spin the globe and see the dots, then is the good way to waste the money. Will not recommend it.
  • Inaccurate pass times now

    By violetxoxox
    I’ve been using this app for quite some time, but not every single night until six months ago; beginning in April of 2019, I’ve going outside and using it to spot satellites for 60-90 minutes every night. My favorite is always ISS, because it’s so bright, but I’d always spot tons of others with the help of this app. I’d check the upcoming days for when my view for ISS would be “excellent” and click to set those reminders. Everything was working perfectly until sometime in September. For the past 3-4weeks, I’ve been going out when the reminders go off, always during the time frame when ISS is most bright for me — the 30 minutes before or after nautical twilight — I would stand there waiting, watching the AR view showing where it should be crossing the sky, but I couldn’t see a thing. It was so frustrating! Were there high clouds I couldn’t see? Smoke in the atmosphere blocking it from view? Did the recent autumnal equinox (and the shifting of the sun to the south) have something to do with it, making it less bright this time of year or something? What the heck was the problem??? But even though I could see stars quite clearly, no ISS. After that happening to me again tonight, I finally opened two other satellite tracking apps I have and both of them said ISS would be passing my location 30 minutes later. What? So I set my timer, went back out in 30 minutes, looked at the position view in those, and there ISS was, bight as could be, crossing the sky exactly when and where those apps said it would be. I checked to see if I might have missed an app update. Nope. My location is definitely correct in the app, so that’s not the problem. The times have just gone wonky somehow. Please, please, please look into this! If/when it’s working for me again, I’ll change my review to 5-stars, because I have multiple satellite tracking apps, but this is my absolute favorite and the only one I ever use, normally, but it’s useless for finding anything when it’s not accurate.
  • Hacking attempt immediately after purchase

    By robklcook44566
    I purchased the bundle, and shortly after I got a notification on my iPhone that someone was trying to sign in to my account in India. Just seems fishy. Otherwise the app is cool, but the situation freaks me out too much.
  • Views from space station

    By SpeedoRudy
    Enjoy watching is great way to see the earth, and just relax
  • It would be better if...

    By The Original Spoo
    It included all of the amateur radio satellites. The app should allow the end user to specify URL for TLEs for satellites.
  • Not so good

    I was really hoping this app would help locate satellites at night time. For starters, it couldn’t find my location manually, and location services was enabled. Then it didn’t find my location automatically. The closest it came was Central Florida and only one satellite was visible, and I’m in NE area. There should’ve been thousands of satellites visible.
  • Bad update!!!

    By Gamer-193842
    So before, you used to be able to see the entire earth and scroll around to see the satellites in the sky. Now you CAN’T! Please fix this. You can only get a view from only where you stand and you have to move your phone around to find stuff. Very annoying. All there was is a simple button that changed from a personal view to an earth view. The button is gone! Please update it and add it back!!!
  • They ruined a great app

    By Wont be fooled again also
    Before the changes they made recently this was a cool app now it is the ugly twin of Skyview. It used to be a view looking at the earth so you could see any object circling earth with earth as the background, you could use your fingers and move the earth to find any object. Now the view is from the earth to the sky just like SkyView and you have to move your body around and point your phone to the sky to find the object you want to locate, that is stupid. Whoever first programmed this app a few years ago when I bought it was a genius. Whoever updated it recently is an idiot. Give me back the Satellite View I purchased not this SkyView clown I mean clone!
  • Wow- abysmal...

    By Cavaunt
    What happened? No longer do I have a view of the earth , showing the map of the satellites and their paths across its view. This renders this app nearly useless. Just frustrating now. That’s all it is. One single essential button now missing. Perhaps it is only a bug affecting SE iPhones... if that is the case I can only pray you do an patch that resolves it. If it is a new “feature “ then the app is no longer of any use.
  • Not good

    By I'd rather walk or even crawl
    Latest update turns what was an easy to use app into a difficult to use app. Right out of apples’ playbook. Just what is wrong with simplicity and ease of use? Can’t give it the “no stars” it deserves, have to give it one star. Male bovine feces.