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War Robots Multiplayer Battles

War Robots Multiplayer Battles

By Pixonic Games LTD

  • App Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2014-04-15
  • Current Version: 6.0.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 1.10 GB
  • Developer: Pixonic Games LTD
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 9.3
App Ratings: 4.73365
Based on 330,341 Reviews

War Robots Multiplayer Battles App Description

Great to see you, Commander! War Robots is the biggest shooter game about giant robots that fits into your pocket. Join epic PvP battles against rivals from all over the world and show them who’s the smartest, fastest, toughest pilot around! Prepare for surprise attacks, intricate tactical maneuvers and other tricks up enemies’ sleeves. Destroy! Capture! Upgrade! Become stronger — and prove yourself as the best mech commander in the War Robots online universe! MAIN FEATURES - Choose your fighter. Over 50 robots with unique designs and powers let you find a style to call your own. - Play how you want. Want to crush and destroy? To save and protect? Or just annoy the hell out of your enemies? You can do it all with the massive selection of weapons, including ballistic missiles, plasma cannons, and giant shotguns! - Customize. Each robot can be fitted with weapons and modules of your choice. Find your favorite combo and show everyone what you’ve got! - Battle together in multiplayer. Team up with other people! Join a powerful clan to find trusty partners (and friends!), or even start your own! - Battle on your own. Prefer playing solo? Lone wolves can express themselves in special modes like Arena or Free-for-All! - Explore the lore. The War Robots world grows and expands with every update, and the ever-growing community is always ready to help you. Looking for more action? Check out the latest news on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/warrobots/ …or Twitter: https://twitter.com/WWR_by_Pixonic Watch War Robots TV on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/WALKINGWARROBOTS Hop on Reddit for in-depth discussions: https://www.reddit.com/r/walkingwarrobots/ And visit our official website for articles, patch notes and development stories: https://warrobots.com Note: War Robots requires a stable internet connection for the best gameplay experience. Good hunting, Commander!


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War Robots Multiplayer Battles App Reviews

  • No handicap

    By Big toe stomper
    The game would be better if there was a more even spread random generator for players. it seems sometimes you can have a team where they may not have all 5 slots opened for bots and the other team has all their slots open. Or the level of the players in champion league is spread so far apart. You can get into a battle and have all champions but the bots and leveled weapons are vastly greater. Maybe change league status based on more factors than battle points but also open robot slots weapon level and robot level. One day you could win 6 games easy and wonder why it was so easy the next it’s holy krud why is everyone outpacing me. Need a better algorithm for battles I’ve updated my 2 stars to 1 star because the battles keep getting worse. This game will get worse if not adjusted 3rd time changing this. Can’t get lower than 1 star. Would be a better game if battles weren’t always so lopsided
  • Money Pit

    By IconKing68
    Latest update is total garbage. Open your wallet and you will be the best. No skill required anymore. To many flying robots that can just blast you to pieces. Can’t shoot back anymore.
  • Amazing

    By Somethingdev
    One word. Whiplash. It used to be a solid 4-5 star game. It is now over managed by the developers who probably have corporate earnings goals. Constant balance tweaks means it will never mature to a true balance before the next update introduces a new feature or bot. The production quality of this game is comparable to world of tanks blitz or PUBG but it suffers from balance tweaks so much that it’s quality is extremely volatile for a good game. I still play from time to time but I can tell you I uninstall it at least three times as often as my other favorite games. Play Bloons TD defense in the mean time during world famous “War Robots hiatus” seasons when you don’t want to be pushed around by the devs.
  • Should be more

    By sm reaper
    I think in my opinion there should be more weapons and robots the cost gold and silver. There is way too many robots and weapons that you need those puzzle pieces. But that’s not all the frustrating thing is you need 10,000, of those pieces! You should make them like a Leo should be at least 1,500 puzzle pieces, a stalker could be 500, and the Gl. Patton should be 750, and a Fujin should be at least 1,000. Now there’s another problem that I think that some weapons are to pricey like a Ardent Gust, or a Arbalest are pretty bad weapons and yet they cost 1,500 gold! Another one is the Ao Jun the titan, mainly because if you use a last stand on it it’s basically unkillable and then also there I think should be a chest for 50 keys because saving up to a hundred is hard and getting the 100 key slot is impossible. And there should be weapons like the Thunder that do a lot of damage. And some of the deals are way too pricey I mean it’s just a game. Anyway that’s a bunch of stuff I think should be fixed and added.
  • Good games with only few issues

    By Gadegt fever
    Annoying aiming bugs that makes this game hard to be a five stars. Oh, what a shame!
  • New update idea

    By Jack and Sophie
    I have been playing this game for years and I have an idea for a new update idea. It’s when you get to customize robots with allll the items from the game. And I do not like how you can only turn left and right. I want to be able to look up and down. Please fix this. Aaand I just want you guys to know that I love this game. SO thanks everyone who made this awesome app. THANK YOU PIXONIC!!
  • Could use improvement

    By jay plays every day1445982
    I’d think this is a great game. I played it for a long time, and it feels like I haven’t gotten better. But it feels kind I’ve pay to win, because every person you age has great robots and weapons. Also, when I’m trying to get new robots, the one s where you have to get these puzzle pieces, 80 pieces out of 10000 pieces every 24 hours is not enough. And to not get any pieces it costs 5000 gold! The least you can do is make it so puzzle pieces are easier to get. Also, can you make a system where you can exchange silver for gold?
  • Queja

    By apodo p2p
    No puedo. Jugar. Díse Que. No se puede cargar el ángar Que revise. Mi internet pero. Si esta bien todo.

    By McocConsumer
    Content is CONSTANTLY being updated and game stability suffers. Ads crash game, boosts expire crash game, support robots crash game....but blame the player? Really?! :-( Robots and Weapons become obsolete every month or if they are great in combat they get "nerfed" ugh! Economy doesn't keep up with player needs and the community wants but has been a little better...ALSO to the developers... Offensive, pornograpic ads pop up and no way to opt out Wishing doesn't make the game any better :-) THIS GAME IS..... UNPLAYABLE AND HAS LOST ITS APPEAL 2/2020
  • Awesome!

    By mr mc moo
    Overall this is a good game but it’s too hard and I’ve been playing for two years and I only have trash robots with bad equipment.So #1 it’s literally IMMPOSIBLE to get a component robot or weapon so please lower the components required to make a good robot or weapon.And #2 can you please make a game mode where people can try out any robot they want with any weapons.#3 make the players who battle have similar robots. Please give me some Au because I really need it 🙁🙁🙁 My username:EnZero17535